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About Us

At Oklahoma Central Credit Union, our commitment is to help members save money and to provide them with the resources and tools they need to make informed financial decisions. Our members are part of the Tulsa community, and what is important to them is also important to us.

Striving to Always Make a Difference

As members of the Tulsa community, it is as important to us as it is to our members to ensure we have a thriving community and that we are meeting the most profound needs of our community. We do this not only by serving our members but by serving the community by actively participating in community events and fundraisers. Over the years, our commitment to service has resulted in thousands of hours in community service and thousands of dollars in donations to the organizations that make a difference in Tulsa and to our members.

Providing Help for Today and for the Future

We understand that the basis of a strong community is ensuring there is a foundation for success. We believe that when we empower community members, they can go on to lead full and successful lives in the future. Through our charitable foundation, we have committed to giving back to the residents of Tulsa by providing financial literacy training and providing scholarships. Our community commitment involves making donations to various organizations in the Tulsa area who share our commitment to empowering people and helping them reach their goals.

Sharing Success With Members

At Oklahoma Central Credit Union, our success is measured by how well we serve the needs of our members. Our commitment will always be to serve not only the communities we call home but to serve the needs of our individual and business members. Only when our members find success can we consider our role a success.

We share our financial successes by offering affordable loan rates, including a wide range of loan products including automobilehome loans and student loans. Only by providing a wide range of financial products including planning for retirement, college savings and helping the children in our community learn financial literacy can we lay a foundation for a stronger future for our members and for the Tulsa community.

For more than 75 years, Oklahoma Central Credit Union has been thriving in the Tulsa area. We attribute our continuing success to our membership; both individuals and businesses. Join our current membership and share in the successes that so many have found over the years.

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