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Credit Union Membership


There are many reasons why you should consider becoming a member of Oklahoma Central Credit Union. In addition to our commitment to improving the Tulsa community and the membership benefits we offer, there are reasons why you should choose a credit union over a bank including:
  • We answer to our members and not to shareholders
  • We are owned by our members and, therefore, our goal is to meet their needs
  • We focus on personal service with the same level of products as a bank
  • We do not focus on profits – instead, our focus is providing you benefits and savings
  • We can offer lower rates on most credit cards and loans
  • We offer higher rates of return on your savings and checking account
  • We can offer you fewer fees than a bank

We do well if you do well, and we remain firm in our commitment to providing every member with lower fees, a broad range of loan products and tools (such as this mortgage calculator) to help them reach their financial goals. Some of the programs you can benefit from include:
  • Member Referrals – if you refer a new member to us, we help them get started saving and you also get a referral bonus added to your account.
  • Auto Programs – we provide a range of car loan options that fit your needs at the price that's right for you.
  • FinanceWorks™ – take advantage of our free money management tool that can help you track your financial goals and integrate your goals with your online banking.

Working With Individuals and Businesses

We know that at the heart of every business is a hard-working owner. Many of our members are also small business owners, and in addition to our personal accounts we also offer many business solutions including: 

Our customers come from all over the Tulsa area, and we always strive to work hard to meet their individual needs. Whether you are planning for retirement, need insurance or you are looking for the right credit card or need financing for your business, we are here. Helping our members attain their financial goals, fund their children’s college education or help teach their child about financial literacy is important today and for the future.

If you have never considered joining a credit union, this is your opportunity to join our membership and get the full benefits we offer. From basic checking and savings accounts to loans for your storm shelters and specialty vehicles, we believe we are well-equipped to meet all of your financial needs. You can learn more about our personal and business checking accounts, our retirement accounts and the tools we offer to help you make better financial decisions. You can stop by one of our branches, call us at 918-664-6000 or apply for an account online.

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